Welcome to The Lode

Hey what’s up…Let me start by saying “The Lode” isn’t a motivational site I’m not motivational speaker. This isn’t a site trying to push you towards being anything. I’m not here to create a huge following nor am I here to make millions of dollars. The Lode is simply a way of allowing YOU to find out what’s important to you and make that determination based on the plethora of information and resources that I’m going to provide.  I simply take knowledge, resources and insight based on my own experiences and those of others a lot more significant and successful than me to provide you with a multitude of options in your pursuit of creating the ideal version of yourself and the life you’d like to live. I cover a wide range of topics that you may find useful, entertaining or at minimum thought provoking. So I hope you enjoy and if you think you may find something that appeals to you then please subscribe. Thank You.