Developing confidence is essential to getting where you want to be in life. Confidence does not have to exist at the onset of your journey. Confidence is something that builds as you act on your goal. Confidence often correlates with progression and skill. When we first start something especially creative endeavours we may have very little or even no confidence at all. There is no reason to wait and those who step towards what they want despite their current level of confidence are miles ahead of the crowd. Every experience you face in which you must exert effort is confidence building. Every setback, every hater, every insecurity is an opportunity to build your confidence to an ever greater degree. If you continue to persist you will only get stronger. Build your confidence through thought, speech and action no matter what you face.  Affirm yourself to yourself every day and act. You are your biggest supporter and your greatest enemy so believe in yourself and act on that ounce of faith. Things will begin to unfold in ways you would never dream.


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