Developing confidence is essential to getting where you want to be in life. Confidence does not have to exist at the onset of your journey. Confidence is something that builds as you act on your goal. Confidence often correlates with progression and skill. When we first start something especially creative endeavours we may have very little or even no confidence at all. There is no reason to wait and those who step towards what they want despite their current level of confidence are miles ahead of the crowd. Every experience you face in which you must exert effort is confidence building. Every setback, every hater, every insecurity is an opportunity to build your confidence to an ever greater degree. If you continue to persist you will only get stronger. Build your confidence through thought, speech and action no matter what you face.  Affirm yourself to yourself every day and act. You are your biggest supporter and your greatest enemy so believe in yourself and act on that ounce of faith. Things will begin to unfold in ways you would never dream.


Stay focused

Focus is the another virtue that is instrumental to the success of any accomplishment or endeavor. There are a few things you can do to develop your focus. Identify your goals and WRITE them down in as much detail as you can. Writing your goals down is extremely important to live consciously and productively. Taking your attention from meaningless thoughts and actions to those you truly find worthwhile is extremely important.  Sunlight can become a concentrated laser powerful enough to start fires only when it is focused. Eliminate distractions and interactions with people who divert your attention from your vision. Focus is a power that can provide clarity and concentrate your energy.  If you expect to master anything in life then you must focus and persist until it comes to fruition. When a tiger hunts imagine how successful it would be if it were to constantly become distracted. It would go hungry and starve thus focus is a survival instinct that we all must grow in order become successful. Identify what you want in life and focus unwaveringly on it.


“My main focus is on my game.”  -Tiger Woods

Persistence is Key

       Persistence is a muscle that we have to constantly flex. It pays off in so many ways that I can’t stress it enough. If you have a goal, a mission or a vision then you must commit to the decision to persist through anything and everything to reach your goal. Become forged by an iron will. Never quit and never surrender. “I will” is a profound statement and should be apart of your daily routine to affirm your commitment to your goal. Keep your eyes on the prize and never let them waver. Persistence is a quality that ALL champions have to a greater extent than their peers. Not only persistence of action but also mind. They have developed the ability to maintain the same winning thoughts and actions as they doggedly pursue their goals. Those who persist are of the warrior mindset and will reap the rewards of their thoughts and actions. Make the decision to persist towards your goal no matter what’s thrown at you. Fight for what you want in life.
“Don’t quit. Suffer now and live the rest of your life as a champion.” –Muhammad Ali